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People are creatures of habit and, lately, it seems our main habit has become hoarding. Holding on to a huge surplus of items simply because we are emotionally attached to them is something we are all prone to. As premier Florida movers,Best in Boca Movers Storage Services has made sure we included top-notch storage Boca Raton solutions in our scope of services. Whether moving, downsizing, or decluttering, our storage units Boca Raton

based will be a safe place for all of your belongings. From pieces of art to simple things like holiday decorations, our facilities have the means of keeping all of your items safe and sound. Get in touch with us and let us lead you to a unit of your dreams.

Those who have opted for our company in the past can vouch for the fact that we treat all of our clients like royalty. For us, your needs come first, and everything we do is done with the intention of best satisfying those same needs. Whether in need of the best local movers Florida has to offer or looking for premier Florida storage solutions, for the past five years, Best in Boca Movers Storage Services has been your best means of getting them.

The fact that our Boca Raton storage facilities have a lot to offer is a fact known to many. As a reputable moving and storage company, we have garnered quite a reputation. With fair pricing, a high level of safety and a professional approach, our company will be able to satisfy all of your storage needs.

Storage Services in Boca Raton

The Size of our Storage Units in Boca Raton

The Size of our Storage Units in Boca Raton    One of the main problems different storage facilities face is the lack of diversity. Having storage units that come in only one or two sizes is the main reason why people overspend, as that leads to choosing a unit that’s a size too big for your belongings. With Best in Boca Movers, this won’t be a problem to face. We’ve ensured storage facilities are diverse and offer units in a number of sizes.

All you have to do is make the best choice, and that’s not a choice you have to make alone. In case you feel you don’t have enough experience for making a good decision, feel free to consult our team. We have no problem helping you pick a unit that matches your needs – quite the contrary. It will be our pleasure!

Our Storage Prices Fit Well into your Monthly Budget

Our Storage Prices Fit Well into your Monthly Budget  From the very first moment, Best in Boca Movers has worked hard on ensuring fair prices for all of our moving services in Florida. Those opting for our storage units in Boca Raton needn’t worry about declaring bankruptcy after that – we would never let that happen. Storage Services prices are fair and they can fit well into the pocket of an average American. The situation only becomes better or more affordable with every month that your belongings spend in our units. Opting for our storage in Boca Raton, in the long run, will be an economically wise decision.

Short Term Storage:

The main reason people opt for short term storage is that they are changing their residence. Whether going through an interstate move or a local one, our units will guarantee the complete safety of your belongings. You don’t have to worry about anything happening to your items while in our care. We’ll just have to ensure the current availability allows you to rent a unit for only a month. Usually, everything works just fine and you can rest easy. Feel free to focus on the moving tasks ahead of you – we got this!

Long Term Storage:

Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of items you don’t need but can’t get rid of? Then the perfect solution would be renting a long term storage unit in Boca Raton and having your items close for when you need them. With special deals and reasonable monthly fees, our Boca Raton storage facilities will be a godsend. Worry not – the longer you need our storage units for, the more affordable they will end up being.

Climate Controlled Storage Boca Raton

Climate Controlled Storage Boca Raton    Renting a climate-controlled unit in a state as warm as Florida is the only logical decision. Especially if storing sensitive items, like art or wood furniture. Best in Boca Movers allows you to rent a budget-friendly climate-controlled unit. By keeping the temperature inside your unit nice and cool, we’ll also keep the humidity levels in check. With low humidity, there is no risk of different annoyances that could damage your items – like insects and pests. The situations when you should opt for climate-controlled storage in Boca Raton are when storing:

  • Art such as paintings and sculptures
  • Wood furniture
  • Antiques
  • Items of high value

And when in need of climate-controlled storage in Boca Raton, all you need to do is get in touch with us. Let us keep your items safe and sound – they certainly deserve it. And so do you! Best in Boca Movers

Frequent Fumigation of all our Storage Units

Frequent Fumigation of all our Storage Units  We know that the worst-case scenario would be walking into your storage unit and seeing it invaded by pests and insects. And we want you to have nothing but pleasant associations with our services. That’s why we make sure no type of pest is ever-present in your unit. By frequently fumigating our facilities, we make sure to keep these annoying little creatures at bay. And that doesn’t depend on the season – from winter to fall, all our units get the same treatment.

A 100% Safe Option for all of your Belongings

With a pristine track record and hard work on ensuring complete safety, Best in Boca Movers is known as a 100% safe option. We have had zero burglaries in the past, which means we must be doing something right. Our storage Boca Raton units are under constant surveillance and monitoring. This way, even if something does go wrong, we would be able to notice it in a timely manner and find the culprit.

The level of care and surveillance of your unit doesn’t depend on the items you have inside. We care equally about valuable items and those items that are only emotionally valuable. If it’s important to you, it’s important for us, and that’s something you should remember.

Your Greatest Ally during Commercial and Residential Move

Think of our storage units as your safety net – a place to turn to if something goes wrong during your residential or commercial Florida relocation. Our storage units are suitable for items of any kind. Be it office supplies, machines, or precious memorabilia, our units will be able to store it. Make no mistake – you will first have to choose the right storage type and size in order for them to fit nicely and have enough space. Since you made the best choice of renting the storage units Boca Raton we offer, we have no doubt this will be a problem for you.

Let us Pack and Transport your Belongings

In case you have a lot of things to store and don’t know how to transport them to your unit, you needn’t worry. Best in Boca Movers Movers can take care of that for you. We can have your items transported in the shortest amount of time. Moreover, we can also help you pack and protect those same items. Packing is a difficult task, even though it may seem otherwise. By using appropriate packing materials, we’ll ensure additional safety for your items. And that’s the beauty of our packing services in Florida – they make your life easier and your relocation more relaxing!

Our Storage Units are Easily Accessible

Our Storage Units are Easily Accessible    While they won’t be just next door, our Boca Raton storage facilities have a convenient location. That means you won’t have to drive for hours in order to get to your items. Also, with a convenient location, any vehicle transporting your belongings won’t have a problem accessing the lot. The unloading of your items will be quick and efficient, just like the rest of our services seem to be!

Feel free to visit your unit during work hours. Best in Boca Movers would never like to keep you separated from your items – there are yours, after all. We are simply keeping them safe until you need them again. Besides, we always like to see and chat with our clients. This way, we are making the bond between us even stronger, which will give you enough confidence to tell us whether you need something done differently.

Switching to a Different Unit is always an Option

Switching to a Different Unit is always an Option  If there is ever a moment you feel you could use a smaller unit or vice versa, feel free to say the word. We don’t mind helping you switch to a unit of a different size. Perhaps, you realized that a regular unit won’t keep your items safe in the Florida heat and you decide to opt for a climate-controlled one. Just let us know and we’ll gladly help you choose a new unit that’s more suitable for your needs. We’ll just have to take a look at the current availability of the storage facility. If everything checks out as we all hope, you’ve found your new unit with some help from us. And don’t worry – usually, we are always able to help you switch to a new unit within the same premises, although exceptions do happen.